Silicone Craft Mat, Set of 2



Made by high quality silicone, our waterproof Silicone Craft Mat can protect your work surface from resin, glue, and water etc.  This mat is great for use with adhesives and paints. Simply peel off your mess once it’s dry and reuse this mat over and over again!

Product Details:

  • Made by High Flexible and Safety Silicone
  • Easy to Demolding and Clean
  • Silicone Craft Mat Size: 400*300mm / 15.7*11.7 inch

* Craft use only, not suitable for food, CANNOT be used as cutting board

Package Included:

  • Set of 2 Craft Mat (1 Blue & 1 Pink) 

Additional information

Weight0.25 kg


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Silicone Craft Mat, Set of 2 Resin Tools & Supplies CraftsPal

Silicone Craft Mat, Set of 2