Pyramid Silicone Mold for Resin, Set of 3



This distinctive and crisp shape is going to be great as a decor piece when you’re looking for innovative and exciting ways to use epoxy resin. In a small size that is going to be modern and elegant, these small sized pyramid Silicone molds are ready for whatever design you had in mind, be it a display or something like a paperweight.

  • Easy to customize and experiment with designs
  • Durable pyramid silicone molds
  • Modern gift option with room for personalization

Product Details:

  • Made by High Flexible and Safety Silicone
  • Easy to Demolding and Clean
  • Pyramid Silicone Mold’ Size: 20mm, 30mm, 40mm

* Samples in the photo not included in order
* Craft use only, not suitable for food

Package Included:

  • Set of 3 Orgonite Pyramid Resin Molds

Additional information

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Pyramid Silicone Mold for Resin, Set of 3 Resin Molds CraftsPal

Pyramid Silicone Mold for Resin, Set of 3