Ashtray Mold

ResinsPal’s Ashtray Molds will give you the option of offering up practicality to smokers in your household, but still give you plenty of space to enjoy decor, too.

These resin ashtray molds are in multiple shapes, sizes and designs to get you enjoy decorative pieces, or just simple and straight-forward slotted ashtrays for those who want to keep things simple.

However you choose to customize them, these durable and reusable silicone molds are going to be ready for combining practicality and comfort.

    • Pot Leaf Ashtray Resin MoldPot Leaf Ashtray Resin Mold

      Smoking means ashtrays, and when you want to look in a DIY ashtray, what better way to go about it than a Resin Ashtray Mold? You can use it over and over again and also know that you are creating something unique, especially when you start playing with the different…

    • Ashtray Resin Mold - ResinsPalAshtray Resin Mold - ResinsPal

      Create whatever you had in mind with this ashtray resin mold as the precise and impressive base. Made from silicone for easy demolding, these ashtray molds are going to give you just the right design for customizing colour, additives, and overall aesthetic. Choose from several sizes and create an ashtray…

    • Ashtray Resin Molds

      Classic ashtray is still popular for all of the right reasons. Now you design your very own personalized one with this resin ashtray molds to do it. Black a jewel tone color to sparkly, to a blend of both, these molds allows you to create a stunning ashtray that will look as great…

    • Mountain Ashtray Resin MoldMountain Ashtray Resin Mold

      For the adventurer in your life, the ashtray made by this ashtray mold is going to be a wonderful and thoughtful gift. Shaped like a mountain range complete with a pond in the middle and snow capped peaks, this is a disguised Mountain Range Resin Ashtray Mold that is going to be sentimental,…

    • Mountain Valley Silicone Resin Ashtray MoldMountain Valley Silicone Resin Ashtray Mold

      You deserve to have an ashtray that surpasses your wildest dreams.  If you want one that is funny and classic and still actually useful, this Mountain Valley Shape Resin Ashtray Mold is certainly going to be it!  It’ll offer you a valley that is perfectly rimmed by mountain ranges.  Perfect for…

    • Novelty Stadium Shape Resin Ashtray MoldNest-type Beijing Olympic Stadium Ashtray mold

      Anyone who follows the Olympics is familiar with this nest-shaped stadium. Now you can recreate it in true miniature style with this fun silicone resin ashtray mold as the medium. With groove for the cigarettes, this stadium-style ashtray can be customized to whatever resin best suits your preferences and interests.…

    • Molds for Ashtray

      Fashion and style look great when paired with practical elements. These silicone resin ashtray molds will make that so much easier with the careful grooves of a cigarette ashtray and lots of room for exploration of style. Whether they’re gifts or staples for your home, make your very own resin…

    • Resin Molds for Ashtray

      There is something so appealing about the idea of an ashtray that is custom designed. Now you can enjoy this resin ashtray mold with its heart shape or oval shape, and know that you can combine each of these shapes with as many epoxy resin colors and additives as you…

    • Silicone Waves Ashtray Resin MoldSilicone Waves Ashtray Resin Mold

      With rough live edging and a deep bowl for you to deposit ash in, the ashtray made by this Silicone Ashtray Molds for Resin mimics both rock edging as well as waves, depending on what colors you choose.  Great for adding to your decor as well as serving a practical…

    • Ashtray Molds

      This silicone resin ashtray mold is durable and perfectly sized, and formed to help you create personalized resin ashtrays that are going to be a fun little addition to your home decor, as well as serve their intended use. Perfect for the modern home looking to customize very detail with…