Vibrant and Eclectic Cactus Embroidery Kit


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These days, cacti are more popular than ever. If you’re a fan and you’ve always wanted to create a piece of embroidery that speaks to you, this cactus embroidery kit could be just what you need!

Each of these 6 scenes displays unique combinations of cacti. Some are floral, some are spiky, and all create special scenes that will be as fun to create as they will be to put up on your walls. These are great for gardeners, those who enjoy desert life, or both! Enjoy all 6 for a special and personalized display.


  • Embroidery Cloth Size: 10.8inch*10.8inch/ 27.5cm*27.5cm
  • Embroidery Hoop Size: 7.9inch/ 20cm

Package including:

  • Embroidery Cloth with Pattern * 1
  • Embroidery Hoop * 1
  • Embroidery Needles * 2
  • Threads * 1 Set
  • Instruction * 1


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Vibrant and Eclectic Cactus Embroidery Kit Embroidery Kit CraftsPal

Vibrant and Eclectic Cactus Embroidery Kit

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