Ashtray Resin Mold


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Create whatever you had in mind with this ashtray resin mold as the precise and impressive base. Made from silicone for easy demolding, these ashtray molds are going to give you just the right design for customizing colour, additives, and overall aesthetic.

Choose from several sizes and create an ashtray themed for every room from one detail to the next! These also make great gifts when you’re searching for something that is simple to customize!

Product Details:

  • Made by High Flexible and Safety Silicone
  • Easy to Demolding and Clean
  • Mold Size:
    Small Mold Size: 3.94″x3.94″x1.18″
    Medium Mold Size: 4.92″x4.92″x1.18″
    Large Mold Size: 6.3″x6.3″x1.18″

Package Included:

  • 1 Piece or 1 Set Ashtray Resin Mold.

* Those Silicone Molds are only for Craft, not suitable for food.

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Ashtray Resin Mold

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